Rod Phillips

Great Canadian Gaming hired high-powered Liberal insiders to lobby Wynne, Sousa
October 31, 2017

Well connected, senior Liberal insiders were hired to lobby Premier Kathleen Wynne and Finance Minister Charles Sousa, according to records from Ontario's Integrity Commissioner. The revelations come just one day after Sousa doubled down on his denial of having any involvement in the controversial casino deal.

"This controversial casino deal doesn't pass the smell test. With a serious review into money laundering in BC, the public is left scratching its head at why this company was selected to run the Toronto casino," says Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.

"Unfortunately, it surprises absolutely no one that the answer is as usual, because of Liberal insiders pulling the strings. Indeed the Office of the Integrity Commissioner's own records reveal that senior Liberals connected to Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty were out shilling for Great Canadian Gaming."
On Monday, Sousa said the process in which Great Canadian was selected was independent. The OLG reports directly to Sousa as Minister of Finance and provincial Liberals created the criteria for selected the casino. He also lauded the deal in August when it was announced, declaring himself "very excited."
"The Liberals simply needed to admit that there are problems in BC and that they will do their utmost to get to the bottom of it. Instead, they've denied any involvement. But senior Liberal insiders working on behalf of the casino operator tells a completely different story. Once again, they're putting the insiders ahead of the people."
Lobbyists working for Great Canadian Gaming Corp:

  • Bob Lopinski – (Lobbied during Wynne Government)
    • "Bob Lopinski led Premier Kathleen Wynne’s successful 2014 Liberal Campaign war room and played a key role in helping her new government and campaign team build on the experience of the previous McGuinty administration.
    • "Recognized by the Toronto Star as both “an architect of Premier McGuinty’s rise to power” and “one of the most influential officials in government”, Bob has over 25 years of experience at the highest levels of Queen’s Park and provincial politics."
    • Registered to lobby: Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development Employment and Infrastructure
  • Philip Dewan – (Lobbied during Wynne Government)
    • “As Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Official Opposition, Dalton McGuinty, from 1999 through the successful Liberal election in October 2003, Phil played a leading role in crafting the Liberal platform, team and strategy.
    • “He has played critical roles in the election of two Premiers…”
    • Registered to lobby: Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development Employment and Infrastructure


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